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Customer Promise

Through our vast product inventory, best prices, superior customer service and advanced online tools, we are committed to provide you with the best shopping experience for health insurance and life insurance products.

Our Promise To You...

  1. To Be Your Advocate If you ever need help dealing with the health insurance company regarding claims, billing or need any assistance, we'll be there for you. Call or email anytime!
  2. To Have the Best Prices Prices are fixed by law. We will have the best prices on any product we sell.
  3. To Offer the Largest Selection Online With over 10,000 plans from over 150 companies, you will not find a bigger selection of health and life insurance products anywhere in the USA.
  4. To Be Available Looking for help with your insurance needs? Between telephone support and email, you can always reach our support staff 24/7.
  5. To Charge No Fees We will never charge you any extra fees for our service.
  6. To Remain Unbiased We will empower you with decision making tools so that you decide what product is best for you.
  7. To Make it Simple
    We will commit to making plan selection and applying for insurance as simple, fast, and convenient as you can find with unmatched features like:
    1. A Side-by-Side comparison tool
    2. An online plan selection advisor
    3. Find Plans by your doctor
    4. Customer Reviews
    5. Online Applications
    6. Rapid processing with 24 hour approval when available