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Dave Ramsey

HealthTrust Financial &
is a Dave Ramsey National Endorsed
ELP, we will educate consumers to save
money with higher deductibles or HSA.

Suzie Orman

Red Taylor is one of the nation’s
largest providers of Health Insurance
and HSAs which is
recommended by Suze Orman.
Red Taylor also specializes in Term Life
Insurance which Orman also
recommends as a
smart financial
planning decision
for you and your
family. Don’t let
catch you

Clark Howard

As one of the largest and fastest
growing independent agencies in the
United States, Red Taylor Financial
helps aid in the protection and
planning process of individuals and
families. Individuals everywhere are
becoming more
aware of the benefits
that Health Savings
Accounts have to
offer, including
consumer advocate
Clark Howard of the
Clark Howard Show.

Rusty Humphries

“As one of the largest independent
agencies in the USA, & HealthTrust helps protect people and families. RedTaylor is fast, reliable, and has unquestioned integrity.
I trust, and
strongly recommend
RedTaylor & Health
Trust Financial
for all your health
and life insurance

Why Choose

& Health Trust Financial?

We agree - buying health & life insurance can be difficult. In our 13 years specializing in Health & Term life insurance, we have encountered every possible scenario & can tailor products and services to best suit consumer needs. You now have a solution: & HealthTrust

Founded in 1995, & HealthTrust is built on the cornerstone of consumer choice-providing ongoing flexibility and choice in health & life insurance solutions. As one of the largest brokerage firms in the country, we have a reputation of integrity & commitment to help Americans save money & obtain quality low cost health and life insurance. We are a nationally endorsed leader in providing Health Insurance & life Insurance to individuals and small businesses (Licensed Nationwide). And we are proud of our 97% National Customer Approval Rating!!!
We are easy to reach with a toll-free customer service line 866-917-9393. We respond quickly to customer questions and concerns.